Sunday, September 22, 2013


So, I finally broke down and created a Twitter account. So far I'm attempting to keep my tweets related to my artwork. This way when I don't blog as frequently, there is still documentation of what I'm working on.

I've added a live feed on the side of this blog over there ---->

Oh, if you wish to follow me on Twitter the link is on the live feed...or you can type @andromedafibers in the twitter search bar. I've been using my phone to take pictures of recently finished projects and current WIPs, so Twitter stays more up-to-date than here.

Also, I've started making toddler hats for the children at work and have been writing down the pattern as I design each hat. If you see a picture on my twitter of a hat you like, let me know and I'll post the pattern on here for you. So far all of the hats are of my design. If that changes, I will link the original pattern on the picture.