Friday, February 7, 2014

Bucket List

I've wanted to make a bucket list for a while, so I was excited when I saw that one of the other 'Hustlers' has a blog about bucket list and a really easy to follow way to make one. I am using this post to build my list. 

I have a more goals than this, but I haven't found a way to word them yet so this list is a work-in-progress.


  • Visit family/friends in California
  • Visit Germany
  • Visit Austria
  • Take a daughter to The Cabbage Patch Factory
  • Take children to Lego Land


  • Adopt a child (or children)
  • Sleep in a castle
  • Get a tattoo


  • Learn how to spin yarn
  • Learn how to bake Apple Pie (with the crumbles on top)
  • Learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet (those things are intense)
  • Learn how to build a bookcase from 'scratch' (not just assemble from a box)


  • Get married to an amazing God-loving husband
  • Play through a Co-op Game with my husband (in addition to our MMO's)
  • Be a Stay-at-Home Mom (at least until my children are preschoolers)


  • Go on a mission trip in the United States
  • Go on a mission trip overseas
  • Design an item to sell solely for charity


  • Pay off Student Loans
  • Buy a House
  • Have an Emergency Fund of at least $10,000

Life Goals

  • Have a clean and organized home (and keep it that way!)
  • Have an art show of solely my work (at least 15 pieces)


  • Give birth to a child (or children)
  • Unlock all of the items in Walk It Out (I know this doesn't sound physical, but it's a game about walking to the beat of music. Your 'currency' is steps made on beat....and the higher level items take thousands of steps.)
  • Swim a mile...again (Did in high school, wish to work my way back up to that level.)

Lucky Items

  • Get a hole in one
  • Meet and play card games with Emma Stone
  • Meet and play a table top game with Wil Wheaton


  • Read all of the books we own (at least once)
  • Watch all of the movies we own (at least once)
  • Finish all of my yarn WIP (or frog them)
  • Teach someone how to weave
  • Teach someone how to crochet
  • Teach someone how to knit
  • Write out my Bucket List :P

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  1. I love that you are updating as you go! I'd love to see you add a date or other little note behind each completed item. (No cross-offs for a month? More motivation!)