Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photos from this Weekend

So, Blogger won't let me post the edited version of my last post. Here are a few pictures of what I did this weekend:

The piece of hairpin lace.

A Starlight Beret for my cousin.

A Green and Blue Beret.

And one of Mom's Christmas socks.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hairpin Lace & Other Happenings

So, I have learned the basics of hairpin lace for my project in Fibers class. I made what supposed to be a short scarf, but the process seems to cinch up a bit when you connect the strips. It is now a nifty little table runner.

(I'll edit this post to add a picture this weekend, but right now I'm in Foreign Language lab...bleah)

In other news, the socks I'm knitting for Mum's Christmas gift are almost finished. All I have to do is use Kitchener's stitch to close up the toe on the second sock. I wonder if it would be safe to post a picture of them on here without her seeing them. any of you guys know my mother, and would you promise not to show her the picture if I post it? (I'm assuming here that someone is reading this...which is probably a bad assumption.) I can't post a picture on facebook, because she might accidentally see it there. She doesn't have a blog though, so it should be fine as long as no on shows her. :)

Would anyone be interested if I post free patterns on here that I have written? I have a few written out, but I'm not sure how much interest there is out there for my stuff.

And now I can't think of anything else to say and I have 30 minutes left to waste in this 'lab'...

Until next time,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pippin Cat

Our kitten, Pippin, is crazy. She has two personalities: super sweet snuggle kitten, and bouncing off the walls getting into everything she can find. I suppose that's pretty normal for adolescent cats, but I haven't had that much experience living with indoor kittens. In either case, Pippin's stealing my husband! She woke Luke up every hour starting at 4:30 this morning until he got up and stayed downstairs with her. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it somewhat, but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed. Normally she looks something like this:

But this morning she looked like this:

She is inside the paper from the outside of a skein of yarn I was using yesterday! I guess it's a good thing I'm going to the studio today instead of trying to work here!

Well, I've got to get my yarn together before I head out. Until next time,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Break Procrastination

Today is the first day of fall break and I'm already bored. As procrastination is my main form of entertainment and I can't seem to get Bloons Tower Defense on ninjakiwi to work today, I decided to try blogging again. The ever intelligent Eric said I should talk about how I got started with fibers, so I suppose this post will be basic background.

Freshman year of college (fall of 2008) I found some rainbow yarn and a crochet hook in the lost and found at my favorite hangout, "The B". (Disclaimer: it had been in the lost in found for years according to the seniors I knew, so I wasn't stealing anyone's yarn.) I had some experience with fibers before that, basically just bracelets at camp and a little bit of counted cross stitch, so I was curious about learning more. I knew a few people who crocheted at the B and one of them (my future roommate, Bethany) showed me how to hold the hook and other basics. I practiced basic stitches for a bit before I made my first project: a rainbow armband for one of the B's residents, Luke. Remember that name, you'll hear it a lot since he is now my husband. :) I think he still has it somewhere around here...I wonder if I could find it and put a picture of my sad beginnings.

Anyways, Bethany let me borrow a pattern book of simple beanies to get me started on real projects and I went wild! If you ever meet some of my best friends from that year you will probably see one of the many hats I made out of the patterns in that book. Actually here's a picture of the one I kept for myself:

I'm a fast learner, or so I've been told. That year I made many hats, a few scarfs and eventually a baby blanket for my aunt. I continued my education with help from Bethany, Cindy (my mother-in-law), and many free patterns online.

Last fall I took a large step in fibers by taking a class offered in the art department here at school. That's where I got the nickname "Andromeda". A close friend in class couldn't remember how to spell my real name (Andrea) when he tagged me in a facebook photograph, but he knew how to spell Andromeda. Silly English major. From then on I was known as Andromeda in the fibers studio and I started using it as my artist name. That semester was the first time I made a commission piece for someone, a baby blanket made from yellow Boucle yarn. I'm pretty sure that was the first item I was paid for.

I've explored other ways of playing with fibers and have made up my own patterns. I can weave, tunisian crochet, do a bit of needle tatting, and can even knit socks! Monday I'm supposed to be learning shuttle tatting from a friend, and I suppose that catches you up to present day.

Now I'll get back to work.

Until next time,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bear With Me

So I've had a blogspot quite a while ago (before when it wasn't connected to Google)and I'm still trying to figure out all of the changes to the account setup. This is my new blog and will be related to my fibers work, and hopefully I'll have some patterns up for you fairly soon. Until then, you can see pictures and keep up with my daily goings on at my facebook page, Andromeda's Fibers Art. Here's the link for easy access. :)

Until next time,