Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015

   So this month I turned 25...and proceeded to get minimal crafting done. We had a week or so of ice and days off work, which should have been a productive time. Unfortunately, it actually meant that my schedule got all out of sorts and I reverted back to my college life of staying up ridiculously late while binge watching TV shows and playing copious amounts of video games. I am slowly adjusting back to the life of adulthood. It only took me 2 years the first time, so this should be a cinch! *wink*

   I did make a cute little hat this month. I woke up one day and decided I wanted to crochet a flower. And of course, it needed a hat to give it purpose. After knitting a lot last month, I was starting to miss my crochet hooks. Also I've gotten a bit frustrated with the red scarf I'm knitting, so I needed a short break. I haven't attached the flower yet, because I'm a slacker, but I will do so this weekend.

Crocheted Baby Hat with Flower
   I had a rough week at the beginning of the month, so I grabbed some yarn and a circular needle from Walmart to cheer myself up while grocery shopping. The Red Heart Boutique yarn that I used last month turned out really well, so I bought a couple more skeins to play with.

Walmart Haul

   Other than that, I visited a couple of different local yarn stores (LYS) this month to spend some of my birthday money. The lovely husband drove me to the Knaughty Knitter one day to pick out my birthday yarn...but I forgot that they are closed on Wednesdays until we were already in town. So I just went the next day after work and went over the stated budget. (When I got home the husband told me that he expected me to go over...and that I actually spent less than he had expected. lol) I bought some beautiful lace weight yarn, a set of double pointed bamboo needles, a circular needle, and some blue sock weight yarn. I'm not sure what I will make with the purple yarn, but the blue yarn is for a pair of gloves for my secret sister. I have until May 11th to make them, so I should probably get started on that soon.

Knaughty Knitter Haul
   This month I visited some family in Huntsville, AL and was given some spending money by my grandmother. I spent most of it on clothing, but I had some left over to buy more yarn! My dad was gracious enough to drive me to a LYS nearby. I think he was curious; he has been trying to understand the different kinds of yarn I like so that he can buy gifts. (And it's easier to talk to someone when you understand their interests.) It was beautiful in there! I touched every yarn in the store before I decided on anything and showed Dad around the different . I picked out some of Berroco's Bonsai yarn, and found several balls of Schulana Sojobama yarn in the discount boxes near the register. 
   I was very excited about my new yarn until I got to talking to the associate at check-out. We had noticed that the hours of operation were a bit bizarre and there was nothing on their online calendar after the end of February. The lady explained that they were closing the store and that there would no longer be a LYS in South Huntsville. She was very upset and wasn't sure what she and the regular customers would do after they closed. I realized the extent of a LYS; it is not just a place to buy nice yarn, it is a community where people who love yarn can meet together for help with projects, learn new skills, and visit with friends who share similar interests. So needless to say, I've been deleting all of my newsletters from the chain craft stores and have decided to buy my yarn primarily from local businesses. Buy Local, friends!

Huntsville Haul

   Yesterday, I visited my parents and Mom gave me my birthday gift. I got the addi Click Starter set and a TP reserve holder! Now I can test out the addi Clicks and figure out which set I want. Hooray! Hopefully this next month I will get more made and I will finally finish the red scarf I am knitting. See you at the end of March!