Monday, August 4, 2014

Crocheted Hats

A few of my friends have commissioned hats from me recently. A photographer friend asked me to make him a hat when he was visiting to teach me about lighting product photography. It is crocheted, but I need to check to make sure it fits his head before I do any finishing on it and photograph it for my records. Also, one of my cousins convinced her mom to pay me to make a "One Direction" hat for the concert she is going to this month. She wanted a slouchy beanie with their logo on it. I loved her conversation with her mom: "You'd be helping Andrea with her new business!" She is much better at marketing than I am. :P 

Anyways, here is a picture she sent me of her new hat: 
1D is One Direction's logo

I also am making a baby hat for a different cousin who is about to be a new father, a couple of hats for an art trade, and a hat for my cousin who was just diagnosed with cancer. (I have a lot of cousins. I may have to start giving them nicknames for when I mention them on here. Let's see...First one mentioned we will call Cool K, second will be Jellyfish, and third will be Power Ranger.) I have finished the snowflake hat for Power Ranger's sister and I love it! But I can't send one hat up to the family before finishing both of them. That would be foolish on multiple levels. So for now it is sitting in my yarn studio waiting to be shipped.

Isn't it adorable!?

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