Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Break Procrastination

Today is the first day of fall break and I'm already bored. As procrastination is my main form of entertainment and I can't seem to get Bloons Tower Defense on ninjakiwi to work today, I decided to try blogging again. The ever intelligent Eric said I should talk about how I got started with fibers, so I suppose this post will be basic background.

Freshman year of college (fall of 2008) I found some rainbow yarn and a crochet hook in the lost and found at my favorite hangout, "The B". (Disclaimer: it had been in the lost in found for years according to the seniors I knew, so I wasn't stealing anyone's yarn.) I had some experience with fibers before that, basically just bracelets at camp and a little bit of counted cross stitch, so I was curious about learning more. I knew a few people who crocheted at the B and one of them (my future roommate, Bethany) showed me how to hold the hook and other basics. I practiced basic stitches for a bit before I made my first project: a rainbow armband for one of the B's residents, Luke. Remember that name, you'll hear it a lot since he is now my husband. :) I think he still has it somewhere around here...I wonder if I could find it and put a picture of my sad beginnings.

Anyways, Bethany let me borrow a pattern book of simple beanies to get me started on real projects and I went wild! If you ever meet some of my best friends from that year you will probably see one of the many hats I made out of the patterns in that book. Actually here's a picture of the one I kept for myself:

I'm a fast learner, or so I've been told. That year I made many hats, a few scarfs and eventually a baby blanket for my aunt. I continued my education with help from Bethany, Cindy (my mother-in-law), and many free patterns online.

Last fall I took a large step in fibers by taking a class offered in the art department here at school. That's where I got the nickname "Andromeda". A close friend in class couldn't remember how to spell my real name (Andrea) when he tagged me in a facebook photograph, but he knew how to spell Andromeda. Silly English major. From then on I was known as Andromeda in the fibers studio and I started using it as my artist name. That semester was the first time I made a commission piece for someone, a baby blanket made from yellow Boucle yarn. I'm pretty sure that was the first item I was paid for.

I've explored other ways of playing with fibers and have made up my own patterns. I can weave, tunisian crochet, do a bit of needle tatting, and can even knit socks! Monday I'm supposed to be learning shuttle tatting from a friend, and I suppose that catches you up to present day.

Now I'll get back to work.

Until next time,

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