Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pattern Stalling

I have another pattern ready to be posted on here...but I didn't want to put two patterns in a row and get you guys all excited that I'm going to start posting patterns everyday.  And I didn't think it would be finished testing so quickly.  So this is my post to stall the pattern and hopefully show exciting things.  Tomorrow is my official presentation for my research topics from this semester, so I'm scrambling to make all sorts of things in an attempt to have more to show...and make myself less nervous about the whole process.  It's not working.  If you could see my nerves they would look like this:

Except they don't have the excuse of caffeine
*does nervous jittery things*  Wait, you are still here?  I suppose I could talk some more to make myself less nervous.  I Love Ravelry.  Just so you know.  I have gotten so much encouragement for writing out my own patterns and designing, not to mention the awesome friends I have made so far.  Like I mentioned earlier, I had another pattern being tested, but my testers got done earlier than I thought they less than 24 hours I requested testers, found them, sent out patterns, and everyone finished testing.  Granted, it is an quick pattern to make, but that is record time for a test!  Here's a picture of what I was having tested so you can get excited for the pattern: 

Easy Shell Headbands!
In other news, the clay baskets I've been working on in the ceramics studio are finally dry and ready for their first firing.  They won't be done for the presentation tomorrow, but I have some pictures of them to show what I've learned.  I'm praying they survive, because they will be awesome if they ever get glazed and finished.

I particularly love the basket bowl on the right!
And I have pictures of Doilies 7-10.  I was hoping to get #11 done before my presentation, but my hands are too shaky to crochet tonight.  Maybe I will be able to finish it in the morning.

Doilies 7-10

Doily #7

Doily #8

Doily #9

Doily #10
Today I wore my new hat made from Frugal Fashionista's Spider Web Slouchy Hat pattern!  I wanted to wait and wear it at the presentation, but I could not contain my excitement and ended up wearing it to the studio today.  It was one of the CAL hats for this I finished it on May 2nd.  I suppose that means I need to work on the other hats for this month.  OR maybe I'll just make more from the same pattern.  I ended up counting out warps in the studio today to prepare the loom for a blanket (when I'm finished with its current warp...which may not be for a while).  And I finished testing a pattern for a fellow Ravelry member. In any case, here are my finished hats:

Cyclops/Zombie Frog.  AKA the unfinished Frog Hat.

I think that is enough stalling.  I will post the headband pattern tomorrow after the presentation.  :)


  1. Good luck with the presentation...I'm sure everyone else joins me in hoping it all goes to plan. Look forward to seeing the pattern :) Tammy :)

    1. Tammy! You confused me for a second there. I was trying to figure out why Mom would sign a comment with her name (Tammy) rather than "Mom". Thanks for the support. :)

  2. OMG - I love that hat! (Not the frog one, even though it is also cute.)