Monday, June 11, 2012

End of Vacation

So, every year my extended family goes down to Florida for a beach trip together.  I love being down there and greatly enjoy the family time, but the drive is frustratingly long.  Yesterday's drive home was especially painful because we had to drive through thunderstorms...which if you are reading this and don't know me, storms give me pressure headaches.  Sometimes migraines if the system is bad enough.  In any case, I had a wonderful time at the beach but vacation is now over and I need to go find a job.  Tomorrow.

I don't have any test patterns to work on right now, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with my yarn time.  I am going to crochet a couple of hats for family members who graduated this year, but I don't have all of the information on those yet.  I could work on the table runner that Mom wants for her kitchen table.  I think maybe I'll do that or work on weaving a new scarf.  Maybe I'll even finish editing a pattern and get it tested for you guys.  What do you think I should do next?

I've gotten a few things crocheted since the move that I haven't posted pictures of yet.  
Let's see how many...

Pea Hat Test
No Pattern Available Yet.  Still in Testing.
There is a Pea Pod that went along with this test, but I did not sign up for I have not finished crocheting it.
Patchy Puppy Hat Test
Pattern Link
This Hat is both adorable and really fun to make.  You should try it out!

We went to the zoo...
this has nothing to do with crocheting, but I like the picture.
Commissioned Hat!!  I got paid!
Plus I really like the way the hat turned out.

Brimmed Sun Hat for Mom
Pattern Link
I finished it in time for her to wear it on the beach!

Apparently I have finished 4 projects since the move.  I thought I had done more than that...strange...

So, let me know what you think I should crochet next.  Until next time, ~Andromeda.

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