Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This past 24 hours have been crazy.  I officially hate my Children's Literature professor, but I'm done with all of the work for her class now so I don't really have to deal with her ignorance anymore.  Hooray! More time for yarn! I joined a new group on Ravelry this afternoon called "Hat of the Month" where we do crochet-alongs (or knit-alongs for those needle people).  They abbreviate it CAL, which just reminds me of "Silence In The Library" which is sad because we just finished watching through Doctor Who with the roommate.  (We have watched through it several times, but we had introduced him to it and he and the husband watched all of the episodes together...I sometimes tagged along.)  In any case, I started my first CAL on this pattern. I like it so far, and just happened to have the yarn listed in the pattern in my stash from Phil's scarf.  Score!  Oh, by the way, I made a belt yesterday.  My pants were falling down, so I made up a belt while sitting in the fibers studio.  It needs some tweaking before it will be considered a good pattern, but it served its purpose yesterday.  :)
Here's a picture:
Impromptu Belt

Those last two pictures are dreadful...but my camera doesn't like indoor night photographs. 
So, that's about it.  The Pippin is leaving with the mother-in-law this weekend.  We need her to get used to her new roommate, Whiskers, and it will help not to have her under our feet when we pack everything up for the move back to middle TN.  I'm really going to miss her during the last week of classes and finals, but I'll use that sadness to propel myself into new crochet projects.  Right now she is trying to help the husband play LOTRO.  She likes pressing the buttons for him.  
I swear if she had thumbs she would be a computer guru.  :P

Until next time,

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