Sunday, April 15, 2012


So I finally joined Ravelry...and I'm hooked!  I've been exploring the site for the past few days and making new friends.  There is so much useful information on there for people who want to learn new techniques, which is perfect for me!  My name on there is Arbocal because Andromeda was already taken....but I've technically been using Arbocal longer, mainly on video games/short stories.

I posted a pattern for testing on there, so hopefully once it is tested I will be posting it on here for free.  You remember the "Indiana Memory" scarf, right?  Oh, I just checked...I had not posted that one on here yet.  Here's a picture:
Indiana Memory scarf (pattern soon to come)
So...I finished the fifth doily from the "Doily Challenge" I started.  I will not be posting pictures of that one until I learn how to block though, because the center is trying to be crooked and looks silly.  I did start using the correct size thread though, so it turned out the size it was supposed to.  *wink*

Well, I'm off to crochet and/or do some homework.  Only two weeks left!!!

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