Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Before Finals

The last week of classes are over and the only 'finals' I have are presentations for my research topics.  That basically means that this next week I will be doing a lot of crocheting and researching various ceramics artists.  This next week will also be my last week of work at the BCM.  Sad day.  I rather like being a secretary, but it is time to move to the next stage in my life.  Hopefully I can get a job at Hobby Lobby (or maybe some related store near to where we are moving).  I would love to work at a local yarn store, but I know I am not experienced enough with knitting and do not have connections...yet.  But Hobby Lobby would be good, because I love their brand of yarn and convince people to get it all the time.  Plus I've helped many people find what they need in Hobby Lobby stores, almost as much as the people who officially work there. *wink*  And I wouldn't have to worry about working on Sundays, because Hobby Lobby is closed for religious reasons!  I would get to go to church every week!  Perfect!

Anyway, I finished the April CAL hat and have finished another doily in my "Doily Challenge".  Below are the pictures.

Doily #5.  I know I said I wasn't going to photograph it until blocking, but I was able to stretch it into shape by hand.

Doily #6
I have two more of the doilies finished and I'm about halfway done with #9, but I don't have pictures taken of those yet.  Maybe when I finish 9 and 10 I will post pictures of the newest ones.  I did get my Indiana Memory scarf pattern tested, so soon I should have that available for you guys on here.  I know I don't have a lot of readers on here, but I'm hoping that will change when I get a couple of patterns posted.  I now have one follower!  Exciting day.  Here's to more followers in the future:



  1. I'm following too but in a stalking-and-not-signing-up way ;)

    Love doily #6 :)

    1. Awww! That makes me feel special, too. I have a blog stalker! lol Doily #6 was given to a friend as a gift, so that's the only picture I have of it now. :)